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Dr. Masafumi Yamasaki was born in 1950 in Kochi, Japan. After studying chiropractic and bone-setting in the mid 70ies, he joined Dr. Walter Pierce (Pittsburgh/Pennsylvania) as his personal student in order to extend his knowledge. In the Asian culture personal students often follow their Professor/ teacher for more than 15 to 20 years and totally integrate themselves into the mindset of their teacher. www.vitalreact.com/english/profile.html

Dr. Walter Pierce was one of the leading chiropractors in the USA and gained high recognition for the interpretation on conventional x-rays of the muscle-skeletal system. The basics of this static-functional interpretation is recognised in the manual medicine community as a milestone. It is a holistic approach to look at the nerves combined with the muscle-skeletal system and the relationship to the organs and other systems within the body.

 Furthermore Dr. Pierce work ed intensively on the mobilisation in form of impulses on disfunctional joints assisted by a medical device. This area was researched by the whole chiropractic community in an intensive and also creative way over decades already. The breakthrough in 1992 was the first computer-assisted treatment-unit in the position to generate exactly positioned and regular impulses , with variable intensity.


First Generation CMI 1992
Current – 5th generation – The Spineliner
First Generation CMI 1992 Current – 5th generation – The Spineliner


After the death of Dr. Walter Pierce in 1992, Dr. Yamasaki continuously worked with the manufacturer “Sigma-Instruments” in order to advance the computer assisted impulse machine. In doing so he created his special therapy concept. He started early to treat more and more patients in the area of the brain nerves knowing that those nerves have an important impact on the posture. The static of the body is known as the key resp. basis for an effective and efficient therapy on the muscle-skeletal system.


“Looking, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling are the master builders of the posture. Everything else is a problem of allocation controlled in the single areas of the spine.”

This point of view is new and therefore disputed within the scientific community. The highly positive impact on the patients is evident and is reproduced daily.



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